BitGuild’s Bitizens switches from Ethereum (ETH) to Tron (TRX)

Blockchain Gaming Company, BitGuild announced that the Blockchain Game, Bitizens is switched from Ethereum and now joining Tron Blockchain Ecosystem.

Blockchain focused BitGuild has taken a new step towards becoming “TRON Super Representative” by handing over its Blockchain based Bitizens Game to Tron Network. During the transfer phase, the gaming portal will offline, and gamers cannot access the game.

Also, BitGuild posted an apology message on Twitter by saying users to have patience as this effort will make BitGuild Community more preferable. Take a look at the tweet!

“We hope you understand that this endeavor will ultimately lead to a better, stronger and more vibrant future for BitGuild and its community. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we’re looking forward to resuming full operations as soon as possible.”


BitGuild aims to connect Cryptocurrency Gamers with General Video Gamers by providing a sole destination and make a difference in the Blockchain Gaming industry by allowing users to have the experience of owning digital assets in video games.

In March 2018, BitGuild partnered with TRON to use Blockchain Technology in video games that will allow users to have ownership of in-game items. It will eliminate the intermediaries and enable users to buy in-game items through transparent and secure transactions which were quite risky in tradition crypto games.

BitGuild CEO Jared Psigoda said,

“Blockchain and smart contract technology allows for gamers to own their items. Instead of an item being flagged on a game developer’s server as ‘belonging to’ a certain player, that item will be sent to that player’s digital wallet over the blockchain. The gamer will own it and be free to do with it whatever she or he pleases, whether that be to sell, trade, or import it into another game.”

Blockmanity’s Take

It seems like by transferring Bitizens to Tron, BitGuild is trying to promote TRON awareness as well as trying to pull-in more gamers. It is just our assumption that by moving to the Tron ecosystem, Bitizens Game will not only allow users to buy in-game items but also give ownership to them.

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