Cardano (ADA)’s listing on Cryptonia Triggers Massive Achievements

The recent crypto market crash left coins still in recovery and Cardano (ADA) is going strong. The crypto managed to get tons of attention and more investors have discovered lots of reasons to go with the crypto. Cardano aims to become a global leader, and after its partnership with one of the most important mobile payment firms in South Korea, Metaps Plus, ADA seems more unstoppable than ever. Cardano plans to take advantage of the Metaps Plus user base to increase adoption and head slowly but surely toward mass adoption.

Cryptonia listing

Cardano has been listed on the Cryptonia exchange and this was important news because Cryptonia is an exchange based in New Zealand which will help in opening the door towards a new market for the coin.

ADA is paired with BTC, DOGE and LTC on Cryptonia for the moment and more pairings are on their way. Getting listed here is a massive win for Cardano and the whole community in general. Here are a few advantages that will come out of this partnership.

Mass adoption

Cardano’s value is based on the number of users in the network. Ouroborus technology used by Cardano can handle a large user base and it takes care of various threats. The user privacy and high security on Cardano is quite appealing for investors. The Haskell coding language protects the system against vulnerabilities and this even makes Cardano a threat to Ethereum.

Daedalus wallet

Daedalus is Cardano’s native wallet, and this triggers a lot of sustainability considering how essential it is to have an independent wallet. This multi-functional wallet is a feature that comes in handy especially after the listing on Cryptonia. You will be able to use the wallet t store your coins, make payments and claim rewards in the most secure manner.

Cardano team

Last but not least the Cardano team manage to gather what is not too far-fetched to call the best team in the blockchain technology. This is a massive win for the platform since investors are always impressed by a hard-working team with incredible achievements. Cardano team is trust based and there is no in-house under dealings that can expose the system to threats.

The developer team managed to bring the platform to the point where it is today, and this allowed the coin to attract more investors in a short amount of time.

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