Ethereum Adoption for the Social Cause: Residents in Manila Paid in ETH to Clean Polluted Beaches

What if I say that cleaning up the beaches can help you to earn some ETH rewards? Sounds good! Yeah?

The world’s largest Blockchain software development company ConsenSys, and Ethereum (ETH) based dApp Bounties Network started a new way to impact the society and environment by rewarding people to clean-up the polluted beaches in the Philippines.

When did it start?

The Bounties Network and ConsenSys Social Impact started the initiative to tackle the problem of plastic waste in the ocean.

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The first bounty-based social impact was conducted in partnership with MakerDAO, back in June 2018, on World Ocean Day.

After the positive responses and huge participation around the world, it started in the Philippines when the government re-opened its one of the popular tourist spot, Boracay after clearing up its heavy pollution. The island is particularly famous for its white sugary and fine sand, crystal clear seawater and water sports activities.

The Philippines is viewed as a perfect area to set-up Non-Beneficial Blockchain-based activities because the nation has accepted digital currencies like Bitcoin as a legal form of payment. Also, Bitcoin got authorization as a remittance method from the central bank too.  Thus, people are using Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies openly.

Ethereum co-founder and CEO of ConsenSys, Joseph Lubin tweeted,

How to Participate and Get Paid?

The coastal clean-up program, Bounties for the Ocean was on weekends, i.e., on Dec 1st and Dec 2nd. The program was specially organized for the clean-up of the Las Piñas–Parañaque Critical Habitat Area in which participants got paid maximum of 550 PHP per day. The payment made in ETH.

Though the program has ended, still people can get paid through donations that can be made on the Manila Bounties Network. Anyone can contribute to the bounty in either ETH or DAI.

Participants get paid through and Trust Wallet App.

By downloading Trust Wallet App, candidates get access to the Bounties Network to receive payment in Ethereum (ETH), and by downloading, candidates can easily convert their ETH to PHP (Philippine Piso).

It must be noted that users have to create an account on both Apps.

The website cleared up through its FAQ section that people can continue to participate even after the event.

The FAQ says,

“Can I continue to make money for cleaning beaches even after the event?

Yes! The ocean cleanup bounty will still be live on The Bounties Network for you to fulfill long after the event!”

The Next Step

The second phase of this program will be recycling and manufacturing. In this phase, collected wastes will be recycled to make fiber. The fiber will be used to make footwear or clothes.

Also, the next step will be clean-up of another region.

Blockmanity’s Take

The noble work will help to create more social impact throughout the world which will not be controlled by centralized agencies.

According to the Medium blog of Bounties Network,

“Blind trust is no longer a concept. Proof of action is.”

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