Miners throwing revenue away through BSV – BTC almost 50% more profitable

According to Coin Dance, Bitcoin is almost 50% more profitiable to miners than BSV

Craig Wright’s BSV hard fork off of BCH didn’t exactly pan out like anticipated, being a coin that appeals to miners. Craig Wright and CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre planned for BSV to be quickly supported by miners worldwide due to their planned miner friendly protocol. With that being the goal that they were shooting for, what actually happened varied greatly.

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV have similar hash rates and they both use the SHA-256 hashing algorithm, however beyond that the similarities between the two coins are not very expansive. Using Bitcoin as a baseline, according to Coin Dance, the coin statistics platform, Bitcoin is 43% more profitable to mine than BSV.

Again this is going against the goal of the developers of the coin, intending for it to be the mining friendly version of BCH. Out of the three Bitcoin iterations BSV, BCH, and BTC, at the time of writing BCH is almost 10% more profitable to mine than BTC, making it almost 50% more profitable for miners than BSV.

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